RPA is a Chemical Engineering and Environmental Consultancy that specialises in providing practical and robust solutions to complex environmental situations involving wastes, effluents and emissions to atmosphere.

We focus on the underlying causes of problems rather than just the symptoms. Whilst we are always responsive to the Client’s exact requirements, our preferred approach is to identify the overall holistic solution rather than simply tackle the immediate problem. In this way, the solution is tailored to the particular process, the economics, and the other requirements of our Clients.

We provide a flexible and integrated approach that uses available or bespoke technology to ensure that the Client’s new or existing installations are both cost-effective and practical. Our recommendations always seek to comply with current and likely future environmental legislation, and generally avoid end-of-pipe solutions.


  • Evolution and critical review of Best Practical Environmental Options for a wide range of industries
  • Development and implementation of effluent treatment and re-use strategies by which major industrial sites can become zero effluent facilities.
  • Design and development of waste treatment and stabilisation plants.
  • Detailed design of effluent treatment and recycling plants.
  • Dust and Odour removal from off-gases.
  • Development of a high efficiency wet scrubbing device for sub micron sized dust.
  • Design and development of bulk, hazardous material transfer and processing stations.
  • Design of kiln feeding facilities for blended solvents and other waste derived secondary fuels.
  • Design and specification of integrated anaerobic and aerobic sewage and waste water treatment plants.
  • Detailed process and plant design.
  • HazOp Studies
  • Safety Assessments and Zoning Definition for Hazardous Areas.
  • Overseeing plant installation and commissioning.
  • Operational support and training services.
  • Waste minimisation surveys.
  • Landfill services, including overall design and the treatment of gas and leachates.
  • Licence, Planning and Authorisation applications.
  • Expert witness evidence.






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