Integrated Industrial Waste Management

Management of All Site Produced Waters and Wastes

Storm Water, Ground Water, Leachates, Process Effluents and Solid Residues

In some areas of the world, water is in short supply and yet the volume of run-off generated by heavy rainstorms is a major problem, not only causing flooding and erosion, but flushing contaminants from industrial sites onto neighbouring ground, into water courses and into ground water. These effects are in addition to the water and ground contamination associated with fall out from dust and fume emissions.

In South Africa, RPA personnel were engaged to identify the Best Practicable Environmental Option (BPEO) for the approximately 300 hectare production, raw materials and waste stockpile areas of a large stainless steel and ferro-chrome production facility as it went through a major production expansion. This site is now the largest integrated stainless steel and ferro-chrome manufacturer in the world. The consultancy work ranged from identifying the overall holistic process concepts in conformity with the BPEO principles, through to economic assessments associated with each component section, outline and detailed designs, construction supervision, commissioning and ongoing process support. The list of consultancy services is long and spanned a continuous nine year period. The list included the following:

  • Modelled storm events and run off characteristics to predict run-off volumes;
  • Assessed the capacity of existing storm water infrastructure;
  • Designed and implemented measures to separate the clean from the contaminated storm water run-off thereby ensuring that up to 300,000m3/day of rainwater remained clean;
  • Specified new drainage and contaminated water storage capacity;
  • Developed a storm and ground water management system and an effluent containment, treatment and recycling system;

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