Integrated Industrial Waste Management

Re-arrangement of Steel Works Cooling Water Treatment

The cooling water treatment and recycling facilities at a steel production and rolling facility was struggling to keep up with the increased steel production and rolling capacity which was being achieved. In addition, significant corrosion, fouling and progressive blockage problems were being encountered within various parts of the cooling water systems.

RPA evolved a strategy for the re-arrangement of the cooling water treatment and recycling arrangements whereby the considerably increased steel production and rolling capacity could be accommodated without enlarging many of the bottle neck areas within the water treatment facilities. At the same time this strategy greatly reduced the corrosion costs within the casting and rolling areas and reduced the chemicals consumption within the water treatment and recycling facilities. In addition, the strategy reduced the brine input volumes to the on-site disposal facilities and changed the nature of the brine such that in the future, virtually all of the brine can be harvested as crystals with a positive recycle value rather than a high disposal cost.

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