Odour & Emissions Abatement

Detailed Designs for Gas Scrubbers

On a number of occasions a manufacturer of odour control equipment has commissioned RPA to carry out both the chemical engineering designs and the detailed sizing calculations for a number of gas scrubbers where the circumstances of the design were not reasonably standard. These have included situations where there were complex chemical equilibria or where the odours have been particularly sensitive.

As part of the project for the combustion and recovery of used sulphuric acid (which is referred to in the Engineering Services section) RPA prepared detailed designs for a quench and scrubber unit for the hot off-gases. This unit had to provide not only for a normal SO2, SO3, NO2 and acid mist removal function, but also, during process upset conditions, it had to provide greatly increased acid vapour removal.

Scrubber & Quench Tower Unit
Scrubber & Quench Tower Unit

The inherent robustness and environmental safety that the resultant designs brought to the overall process were a very important feature within the negotiations for the IPPC Authorisation.

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