Odour & Emissions Abatement

Dust Removal from Off-Gases

RPA’s principal experience in this field is with venturi and similar concept  scrubbers and with the new technology which they have developed in conjunction with an Iron and Steel Industry client for the removal of sub-micron sized dust from metallurgical off-gases (see the Environmental Master Plan in the Integrated Industrial Waste Management section).

The process offers considerable potential for gaseous inter-reaction with the scrubbing fluid. In many of the applications with which RPA have experience, both gas scrubbing and dust removal occur simultaneously. In fact, the technology for removing sub-micron sized dust (together with larger dust) can also be used as a very intensive and very compact co-current gas scrubber or stripper, either on its own or simultaneously with dust removal.

In addition RPA have designed a venturi scrubbing system for a dolomite kiln system which had been susceptible to scaling and blockage issues. See problem solving.

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