Problem Solving

Problems at Construction Sites

RPA have dealt with construction problems and ground contamination issues at several sites. One such site, at a former quay on a tributary of the River Thames in Kent, presented problems of ground gas escaping to the atmosphere. This had been discovered as construction work began at the site.

The site was established on made ground and it was determined that carbon dioxide rather than methane was being emitted. This would have been a major problem for the type of warehousing being constructed since it had a ground bearing floor slab, within a pile supported building. The following measures were undertaken to resolve this problem:

  • Soil gas surveys were specified and the results interpreted;
  • A passive venting scheme, beneath the buildings, was devised and detailed;
  • Floor sealing details were developed with specialist subcontractors;
  • Reports defining the situation and setting out the proposed short and long term safety measures were prepared and submitted to the Environment Agency (these were approved without amendment);
  • These measures allowed construction to continue, with no delays resulting from their implementation.

Gas Venting Scheme during Installation

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