Solid Waste and Solidification

Integrated Effluent and Hazardous Waste Treatment followed by Solidification

An electro-winning facility produced a toxic residue material as a by-product from the production of metallic manganese from its ore. The company had developed designs for an end-of-pipe treatment regime.

RPA personnel were commissioned to critically review these designs. We found that many of the environmental burdens had not been addressed, but merely shifted into other mediums. We went on to identify opportunities to recover materials from the waste residue resulting in a win-win-win scenario in which our Client could improve productivity, reduce the cost of disposal and reduce their long-term environmental risks and liabilities.

We were commissioned to head up further research work to investigate and demonstrate the opportunities identified. We then completed the necessary detailed design work for the waste and effluent processing plant and the stabilisation and solidification plant for the solid residues.

Former Waste Deposit Site

Former End-of-pipe Regime


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